Queen Rania
Award Platform.

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Project Overview.
The Queen Rania Award holds the highest honor for Education in Jordan. The primary objective of this project is to transition the existing award process from manual paperwork to an automated system, encompassing various stages such as entry form submission, filtering, assessment, and ultimately selecting the winners.
My Contributions.
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitors Audit
User Interviews
Empathy Maps
User flows
‍Usability Testing
UI Design & HF Prototype
Testing & Analytics
"The current award process is overly complex, and we are seeking to simplify the application process and reduce the time spent on assessment."
Stakeholder Interviews.
Alaa Mohammed
Operations Director
The complex and lengthy evaluation process for participants posed a significant challenge. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process and collect the necessary business requirements, we conducted multiple in-depth stakeholder interviews.

Competitors Audit.

"We have observed numerous competitors worldwide, but our primary focus has been on Middle East Awards, particularly in the UAE. The UAE stands out as one of the leading countries that highly values professionals in the educational sector."

Global Teacher Prize

Global Teacher Award

MBZ Teacher Awards

Pearson National Teaching Awards

"I submitted my application on two separate occasions, but the application form is complex and requires significant effort."
Salma Saleem - 31 years old - Previous Award winner
User InterViews.
12 Interviews
We have conducted a total of 12 user interviews encompassing various user types, including teachers, principals, and conductors.


Empathy Map.

Application user flow.


Easy and simple Registration and Application forms

"Applicants are not required to provide excessive information during registration as we have access to the Ministry of Education data. They only need to fill in their employee and National IDs, and the system will retrieve their information from the database and verify their eligibility."

Abstract System

"The administrators have the capability to create a brand new award from the beginning. They can establish assessment rules, rubrics, and handle all aspects pertaining to the award. They also have the option to replicate settings from previous awards and make modifications as needed."

Simple Layout

The primary objective of the system is to ensure the seamless and efficient completion of tasks, free from any feelings of frustration. We designed the system around three fundamental elements: the Main Menu, Task Menu, and content area. The Task Menu adjusts itself according to the nature of the content being handled.

Task Based System

Due to the presence of numerous user types and overlapping tasks, we developed the entire system with a task-centric approach. Once a user completes their assigned task, it is then passed on to the next user in line.

Lookup tables

In order to fulfill the client's need for comprehensive system editability in award setup, such as incorporating updated information on teachers, schools, and other data from the Ministry of Education (MOE) database, we have implemented lookup tables that can be conveniently updated. These tables can be easily refreshed by uploading the data in Excel format as it becomes available from the MOE.

"I greatly appreciate the seamless and effortless application process available to the applicants."
Salma Saleem - 31 years old - Previous Award winner
Usability Study.
4 Tests in total
We carried out a total of four usability tests involving different user groups: two tests were specifically designed for teachers, while the remaining two were intended for assessors. The results of the usability tests conducted on the application process were extremely positive after the second round.

Tools Used:

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