Queen Rania
Award Platform.

Web App
Project Overview.
Queen Rania Award is the most prestigious award for Education in Jordan.
The main scope of this project is converting the current award process from paperwork to being automated, including; applying the entry form, filtration, assessing, and finally choosing the winners.
My Contributions.
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitors Audit
User Interviews
Empathy Maps
User flows
‍Usability Testing
UI Design & HF Prototype
Testing & Analytics
"The current award process is too complicated, we are looking to simplify the application process and decrease the assessing time.
Stakeholder Interviews.
Alaa Mohammed
Operations Director
The complicated and long assessing process for  participants was a major challenge. We attended many intensive stakeholders interviews to understand the whole process and gather the business requirements.

Competitors Audit.

We’ve seen many competitors around the world. We focused on Middle East Awards specially in UAE; which is one of the best countries that appreciate the educational sector workers.

Global Teacher Prize

Global Teacher Award

MBZ Teacher Awards

Pearson National Teaching Awards

"I applied twice, the application form is complicated and needs massive efforts"
Salma Saleem - 31 years old - Previous Award winner
User InterViews.
12 Interviews
We’ve conducted 12 user interviews with different types of users; Teachers, Principals , and Conductors.


Empathy Map.

Application user flow.


Easy and simple Registration and Application forms

Applicant will not fill too much information for the registration since we have the Ministry of Education data. The applicants have to fill their employee and National IDs and the system will retrieve his data from the database and check for their eligibility.

Abstract System

The admins can set up a new award from scratch. They could assign assessment rules, rubrics, and everything related to the award. They could copy it's settings from previous awards, and modify them.

Simple Layout

The main purpose of the system is to complete the tasks smoothly and efficiently; without frustration. We built the system based on three columns; Main Menu, Task Menu, and content area. The task menu adapts to the type of content

Task Based System

Since we have too many types of users and overlapping tasks, we created the whole system based on tasks. When a user finishes his task, it will be handed over to the next user.

Lookup tables

Since the client requires whole system editability for award setup, for example; the teachers, Schools and any other data from Ministry of Education (MOE) database is frequently updated and we use this data for awards setup, so we created lookup tables that can be updated easily by uploading the data in Excel format as they come from MOE.

"I really like that the applicants can apply effortlessly"
Salma Saleem - 31 years old - Previous Award winner
Usability Study.
4 Tests in total
We conducted 4 usability tests for all users; 2 for Teachers and 2 for assessors, the application process usability tests results was amazing, with 100% success rate, after the second round.
The assessors platform exceeded 80% success rates, which is acceptable since we already planned training sessions for them

Tools Used:

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