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Mobile Banking
Transfers Usability Study.

Mobile App usability Study
Project Overview.
The usability study was conducted specifically for a bank located in Jordan, with the objective of improving their existing banking transfers experience.
My Contributions.
Usability Study
Mockups & HF Prototype

Research goal.

We aim to assess the users' ability to transfer money smoothly and determine if the flow is easily understandable to them. Our goal is to identify and address any issues that may arise during the process

Research Questions.

What is the expected duration for users to complete a money transfer?
What insights can we gain from the user flow when it comes to transferring money?
At what points in the process are users most likely to encounter difficulties?
What recommendations or suggestions do users provide for enhancing the experience?
What are the users' opinions or feedback regarding the flow of money transfers?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Time on task
Conversion rate
(Success rate)
System usability scale (SUS)


HF Prototype
Bank's HQ
15-20 minutes
Coffee Voucher
5 Participants - 1st Iteration
5 Participants - 2nd Iteration
The participants in this study are current mobile app users who are clients of the bank and have performed transfers using the app. The group consists of two male and three female participants, ranging in age from 23 to 40.


Insight #1: It is necessary to reduce the cognitive load on users when they select a transfer type.

A significant majority of users experienced confusion when deciding which transfer type to choose.

Actions taken:
  • Items rearranged
  • UX writing revised
Insight #2: Several users expressed a desire to transfer funds to their saved beneficiaries without having to go through the lengthy transfer process.

Action taken:
  • Fast transfers section were added
Insight #3: International transfers require significant time reduction in the current process.

Action taken:
  • The user will fill only the IBAN and name then the app will retrieve the beneficiary data for validation
Our primary goal was to address the common issue of high cognitive load experienced by users, primarily caused by the need to fill numerous fields and the complexity of each transfer type's multiple steps.

By reducing the cognitive load and minimizing the average time spent on completing tasks, we aimed to enhance the user experience.


Average Time on Task
International Transfers: from 4:34 to 1:30
Local Transfers: from 1:23 to 0:31
Transfer to a beneficiary: from 1:20 to 0:10
(Succsess Rate)
International Transfers: from 20% to 100%
Local Transfers: from 60% to 100%
Transfer to a beneficiary: 100% in both
System Usability Scale
SUS after the 1st iteration: 44 out of 100
SUS after the 2nd iteration: 83 out of 100

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