Mobile Banking
Transfers Usability Study.

Mobile App usability Study
Project Overview.
This usability study was made for a bank in Jordan, they want to update their current app due to low conversion rates, especially in transfers. This test was conducted twice on a high-fidelity prototype.
My Contributions.
Usability Study
Mockups & HF Prototype

Research goals.

We would like to check if the users could transfer money throughout and if the flow is clear for users and fix any issues appear

Research Questions.

How long will the users take to transfer money?
What can we learn from the user flow to transfser money?
Where will the users get stuck?
What do the users suggest for improvement?
What do the users think about the transfers flow?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Time on task
Conversion rate
(Success rate)
System usability scale (SUS)


HF Prototype
Bank's HQ
15-20 minutes
Coffee Voucher
5 Participants - 1st Iteration
5 Participants - 2nd Iteration
The participants are the bank clients who made transfers through the current mobile App. Two males, three females between the ages of 23-40


Insight #1: We have to decrease the cognitive load when the user choose a transfer type.

The most of the users were confused which transfer type will they choose.

Actions taken:
  • Items rearranged
  • UX writing revised
Insight #2: Some of the users asked if they can transfer to their saved beneficiaries without going into the long transfer flow.

Action taken:
  • Fast transfers section were added
Insight #3: We have to reduce international transfers steps, it takes too much time.

Action taken:
  • The user will fill only the IBAN and name then the app will retrieve the beneficiary data for validation
The most common problem was the heavy cognitive load, because the users have to fill many fields, and each transfer type has many steps that makes the users confused.
Reduce the cognitive load and decrease the average time on task was our goal


Average Time on Task
International Transfers: from 4:34 to 1:30
Local Transfers: from 1:23 to 0:31
Transfer to a beneficiary: from 1:20 to 0:10
(Succsess Rate)
International Transfers: from 20% to 100%
Local Transfers: from 60% to 100%
Transfer to a beneficiary: 100% in both
System Usability Scale
SUS after the 1st iteration: 44 out of 100
SUS after the 2nd iteration: 83 out of 100

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