Labeeb Financial Assistant.

AI Voice Assistant
Project Overview.
Labeeb, an Arabic financial assistant designed for banks, aims to enhance transaction speed by incorporating voice commands into banking applications.
My Contributions.
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitors Audit
User Interviews
User flows
Information Architecture
Legibility Testing
UI Design & HF Prototype
Testing & Analytics
“Our goal is to utilize Labeeb for handling all transactions within the app, aiming to persuade a significant portion of existing customers to switch from regular app transactions to using Labeeb.”
Stakeholder Interviews.
Mohammed Ahmed
AI Technical Product Manager
We have conducted several stakeholders interviews to obtain the business requirements and data analytics from the banking application.

Competitors Audit.

Top financial assistants


Bank of America


Capital One

US Bank

Smart assistant
US Bank

Open Domain assistants

Open domain assistants
“I frequently find myself visiting the bank branch to transfer money to my daughter, who resides overseas, as it is too complex to accomplish this through the mobile application.”
Female - 34 years old
User InterViews.
12 Interviews
We have conducted a total of 12 user interviews with our target audience, consisting mostly of bank customers who are employees between the ages of 30 and 40.


We have divided our users into two distinct personas

Persona 1 - Salma Ahmad - Sicence TeacherPersona 2 - Ahmad Saeed - Engineer

Intents list.

Salma - Science teacher

Information Architecture.

Information architecture

User flow.

User flow

Legibility Test.

When using an Arabic typeface, we consistently encounter numerous challenges related to technical aspects and legibility. To address this, we have undertaken a legibility test with 11 of our target users, comparing two Google typefaces.

Almarai font
IBM Plex sans Arabic font



Contrast Test.

All colors adhere to the "AA" Accessibility criteria, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.

15.1:1 conrast ratio15.1:1 conrast ratio13.55:1 conrast ratio10.99:1 conrast ratio10.6:1 conrast ratio4.53:1 conrast ratio12.48:1 conrast ratio6.54:1 conrast ratio

UI Sample.

Onboarding screenAnswer screenHome screenHome screen lightIntents list screenAnswer screenSpeak screenHome screen after noon

Tools Used:

figma logoFigjam logoafter effects logolottie files logogoogle docs logogoogle sheets logo

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