Improving bank transfers usability

My role

UX/UI design


Banking mobile app



Project Overview

Solving a usability issue in a banking mobile app after discovering a significant drop-off rate in the transfers funnel.

Brand name and sensitive info have been hidden in accordance with non-disclosure agreement.

The problem

After joining a new digital banking app team, one of my responsibilities was identifying the user experience issues and keep improving the app's usability. When I checked the different funnels we have, I found out there is a significant drop off rate in the first screens of the transfers flows, specially in the international transfers funnel.
Increase the conversion rate in transfer funnels.

The Process

I started by checking the targeted flows to do a quick evaluation, and making assumptions determining where are the issues. In such cases, I usually check recorded sessions using a session recording tool, this is very helpful to giving a quick indication for what is happening, but unfortunately, we don't have such tool installed.

After the evaluation I found obvious issues in the information architecture for the transfer types, UX writing, visual hierarchy. To back these findings up and get more insights, I conducted a usability session and quick interview after each session to collect their thoughts and expectations.

After the usability sessions and interviews we validated our assumptions and got more insights and defined the current pain points and the opportunities in the user flow.
After defining the pain points and opportunities and getting the expectations from the users, I run a brainstorming session and invited multiple members from different teams, in this step I highly recommend invite the backend engineers to this session, to validate our solutions early in brainstorming sessions which will save a lot of time and they can help optimizing solutions if we have limitations from the back-end side.
After that we started visualizing the solutions we came up in brainstorming sessions, then created low fidelity wireframes and a high fidelity prototypes for testing purposes.
All transfers into one
We merged all transfer types into one transfer action for all types.

Transfer between accounts is not considered as a transfer from the most users type since it is accessible from the accounts screen, the data shows, the majority of the users were using it from that screen, so we decided to remove it from transfers screen.
One task per step
Since we merged all transfers into one transfer type, we divided the flow into steps to let the user focus on one task per screen.

The first step is asking about the country for transfer, this approach will show only relevant information to be filled whether it is local or international transfer and will show relevant fields to fill for each country, since some countries don't use IBAN for international transfers like USA.
Make it clear
For international transfers or different currency transfers, we gave the user the ability to fill the transfer amount or how much the receiver will get, to make everything clear without any hidden fees.  Before, the user has to reach review screen to know how much the transfer will deduct from the account.
Save beneficiary is more prominent
We redesigned the save beneficiary checkbox to be a toggle with more prominent design, and if the user missed to activate it we will show another bottom sheet reminding the user to save the beneficiary after the transfer is done.

The improvement

Before the release we conducted a usability test round to check our solutions, we used framer to create nearly actual prototype, to save development time in case of we will do any modification for our solutions. We got great results with high success rates and quick time on task for all transfer types.

After the release, the conversion rate in the international transfers funnel become much better from the first month after fixing the usability issues.

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